Fare thee well, St. Barthelemy. Nous esperons que nous vous voir la prochaine année.

Few laments have been written that could match ours upon leaving St. Barthelemy and all the fantastic folks we met there. After we woke up to the cold world of New York, which happened to be somewhat warm for the season we realized we had to put a little closure on this, our first chronicle of our various adventures. So the next few weeks will see us adding the various reviews and experiences we forgot… Until then…

Behold: Gustavia. Fare thee well, island town. Fare thee well, awesome Nungan, Papa Guyo, Martine, Cecile, Patricia, Jeannette, fire-dancers, les petites mooches, gun-toting land-barons, yacht owners, patisseries, les croissants aux amends et de la chocolate, the beaches, naked gay men, topless women… et al. By the way, French misspellings are not mine. It’s WordPress’s fault.

Goodbye, cow. Or goat. Or whatever you are. Did you eat those two goats that were here earlier? Cause that’s…not cool, dude. Not cool.

There is shopping in Gustavia. Great gouts of gushing gravy ($) get geysered from Gator-wallets in Gustavia. As Steve Martin said in his blog, he is just supporting the native artisans and indigenous culture when he shops at… Louis Vuitton. Laszlo and Lala do NOT shop at Vuitton. We typically get thrown out of such places for imposing our “performance art” (read: Laszlo dances with the mannequins).

Have you seen my hat? Laszlo? My pink hat? I can’t see anything in this sun.

Note to the wise shopper in St Barthelemy: shop with Martine in Azibi. We may have misspelled it. All respect to Martine: she has fantastic stuff, from Paris, St. Tropez, the Amalfi Coast, Capri, Switzerland, etc. Here’s the deal — the um… arrangement of her goods isn’t as chi-chi-consious as some of the neighboring stores. Don’t let that fool you. This woman has more fashion sense, artistic awareness, and female MAGIC than anyone on the island. Go see her. She will put you in wonderful things, and they will be gratifyingly inexpensive. (And less then some other stores I could mention, that peddle dyed cheesecloth). So. Remember: St. Bart’s shopping = Martine = Azibi. There. We LOVE you, Martine. We want to hang out with you next year. Or visit Laszlo in NYC. I have no room in my place.

Maybe next time she’ll give me a discount. Joke! Joke!


Goat Mountain. Several goats were observed doing goat stuff.