An Evening with The World/Inferno Friendship Society at Music Hall of Williamsburg

A cute artist and her man ... in front of her work.

So Panda 1, The Mayor, Laszlo Von Glitz and Lala went to see a friend-of-a-friend’s artwork at a little studio-cum-gallery in Brooklyn on Saturday night.

Who says art can't reach out and massage your shoulder in an inappropriate way?

There was body painting of topless women happening in one room. There was art happening on the walls in another (no naked women). There was a great DJ spinning tunes from when Lala was in middle school (where there were also no naked women, as far as she remembers).

Lala had some middling wine that was not art, and wore a new dress which was art.

“Thank you, Laszlo, for the dress,” she said over the music.

“That’s the last time you convince me to ‘go wander the shops and not buy anything’,” grumbled Laszlo, looking away.




"You can't wear that dress without me," says Laszlo.

Afterward, we hit the Music Hall of Williamsburg for some cocktails and a set of songs by The World/Inferno Friendship Society. This band is great — skin-blistering punk at times, heel-skipping beats… dark strings and libidinal trumpets…

“Multidimensional, eclectic, with a young fan base that enjoys flinging itself from the stage and into the reluctant (yet ever-raised) arms of the crowd,” says Laszlo from his cool chair while I write this. Laszlo is wearing a black sweatshirt with hoodie, and slumping down. “It was sort of a cross between… depression-era jazz and a co-ed Ramones…  The lead singer even had one of those old-fashioned chrome handheld mikes.”

“Did you enjoy it?” asks crack reporter Lala. “I thought they sounded more like the lovechild of a Bowl of Fire and 80s punk.”

“Yes, whatever, babe. The game is on,” says Laszlo. “And also? You can’t wear that dress next time. Don’t put down that I said that.”

The expression on their faces as they watch the band.

Laszlo also reminded me that the lead singer let out a secret, that although everyone assumes the band is from NYC, many of them actually hail from New Jersey, a fact he proclaimed to much cheering from a mostly blitzed-past-the-eyeballs youth crowd. Yay.

“We were at first saddened that there was no candy corn strewn on the floors, but when we understood that the band once had to actually poor boiling water on the floors of a venue to clean it off (the next morning after a show)… but the confetti conveyed a similar sentiment,” says Laz.

“God, I love Music Hall of Williamsburg,” says Laszlo. “It’s such a great space.”

“I love it too,” says I.

“Shh, baby, the game is on.”


Tuen in next time for more exciting relationship-New York stuff. Please!


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