Fun Facts of St. Barthelemy – Discoveries old and new

Ee-eat Me-ee-eee-ee...

Fact: The goats in St. Barthelemy are overrunning the island! They are cute, and they sound delicious, but the are causing erosion. Eat a goat today to save the island.

Fact: Boats can make you sick.

Another fact: If any deaths occur during a hurricane, the name of that hurricane is then forever dropped from those names that can be used for future hurricanes. So… that… makes… sense… er?

Here is another fact: People hitchhike all over St. Bart’s… you will see people of all ages, although mostly young people, thumbing for a ride at all times of day. Be careful not to run over anyone!

New fact: St. Barth’s was once a Swedish outpost. Isn’t that chef from the Muppets Swedish? Explains a lot.

A fact you might not know: There are like, 900 Portuguese living in St. Barth’s.

A fact you probably know: Mosquitos are very, very hungry here.

Another one: Lizards are everywhere.

Big fact: There are NO mosquitos on Saba, but that’s on another island so, what the heck is that doing here?

Fact: I was so happy in St. Barth's. You will be too.

Minor fact review: So there are too many goats in St. Barth’s. We already told you that. But it vanished when Laz was screwing around with our themes.

There is an ancient house (1700s) of the Ledee family on St. Bart’s. Next to it is a Leper house which is really where they kept their step mothers. Probably. (Source: two pina coladas).

Lala not happy

This page was definitely missing from my brochure of St. Barthelemy. Where's my cocktail? What's this crawling up my leg?








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