L’Isola in Gustavia is so delish…


An important part of the vegetable group. Take one orally twice daily for pink elephant viewing and the opportunity to believe you are better looking than you are.

So martinis with little fruits and veggies floating atop them are good after a long long day in the sun, working on stuff for Laz’s next art project.
L’Isola is hot this Sunday with Nungan jamming in the corner. Lots of people.


Buckle the fuckle up or I will make you wear my headscarf. Also, I will explain why my face is so white. You WILL wish you hadn't asked. Actually, it's pretty simple: I don't want to get old so I put SPF 50+ on my face and I just let the rest age. I imagine the result will be quite alarming when I am 67. "Who is that young woman walking around on Jessica Tandy's body?"

Nungan. The band. They play an awesome rendition of "Bang, Bang." Not pictured: the photographer extraordinaire Laszlo. "Yes, sure, the headscarf looks GREAT, Lala, I am laughing at a funny thought I had... about ANOTHER girl in a headscarf..."


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