At Le Ti


Carbohydrates kill more relationships than anyone knows. Above behold the power of this midriff-murdering species. That's Laszlo about to dive in at left.

It’s a repeat restaurant for us but we like it! My drink cost 23 Euros! I never thought I’d find more expensive drinks than in Zurich and NYC. Thank goodness Laszlo is paying. At least, I conveniently left my wallet at home…

– the waiters and manager are very very nice

– they will let you dance on a table if you ask

– it’s not very crowded this time of year but the staff, models and dancers do a great job of making it seem like a full-fledged party.











Just ordered a dessert called Cuisse de nymphe… When I looked it up I thought it said Maiden’s Bush.

Alas, it said blush.



Laszlo was hoping this one might slip and show her cuisse de nymph until he, too, read the correct translation.


Toasting the bizarre family to our right. That was real hair on that mushroom lady. I promise it is a hip club. They probably owned like six of the mega yachts, and their ancestors probably ate babies. So... they're cooler than they look.


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