Hiking in Toiny St. Barth’s – Have you seen the Leper House?

English: This is the local flag of Saint-Barth...

St. Barthelemy Coat of Arms. Because Laszlo says this blog has to have some information in it that is relevant to the world and stuff.

Not-so-fun fact of the day St. Barth’s: There is a leper house in St. Barthelemy, built in the late 18th century to accompany a family’s home. It’s tiny and spooky, really just walls (very thick) now. As we had gone running along the beach, we had no camera. Laszlo was sad. So here are some pictures of a Boulangerie where they serve yummy food and where there are no lepers.

These are slow lobsters.

Then we went to the beach for some photos that revealed what chocolate croissants do to the body when taken orally for weeks on end.

Here I am being so awesome and wearing my new swimsuit from Bamboo, plus a couple chocolate croissants around the equator... whatya mean this is a restricted area?!?

Narcissists at work.

You know, as an artist-writer duo, we kind of resent the way that all this glorious beauty impinges on our creative impulses. “I mean, how am I going to plunge the depths of my soul for moral cockroaches when I’ve got this to look at?” said Lala. “Look how fast that Windsurfer is going!” said Laszlo.

This beach sucks. The waters are so... electric. The sand is so... confectioner's sugary. The men are so... brown and yummy.

Hanging with the band Nungan and Papaguyo himself. Yeah. We know. We’re cool.

Some peeps: three of us our in our 30s. Can you guess which two were born the same year as Michael Jackson and Prince? Okay, gotta run, Laszlo is coming after me with what looks like a rusty machete.

May we PRESENT PINKY THE BRAVE! He was pink! He was fearless! He may or may not have emerged from the toilet! What we do know is that Laszlo had a camera with him in the bathroom for some reason! Due to the number of rusty machetes showing up in this blog, Lala is not asking why today! Go PINKY!

Reports have it that this lone critter survived Laszlo's visit to the loo after we had those Mahimahi enchiladas. Steady on, old fellow.


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