An artist loses his brush

I found him like this... on his hands and knees next to his easel. I said, "Laz, your painting isn't that bad." Then he told me he had dropped his paint brush down the crack.

I think Mecca is the other way, babe...

"I'm MacGuyver," he said. "Is that gum you're using?" I said.

The brush was finally cornered and returned to its natural habitat, where it would be safe. It was none the worse for wear, despite a smudge of gum on it from Laszlo's "brush retrieval" system.

As you can imagine, after the paint brush debacle, for lunch we had to get out of the damn house. We wandered into Les Boucaniers in Gustavia.
This little harbor restaurant might have been okay, except for when I tried to order the gazpacho, I said: moi je prends le Gestapo.
Oops. The waiter didn’t laugh. At all.

Our waiter had this expression.

Our waiter acted like I had really ordered one of these. I really wanted the tomato soup.

Too soon?
Perhaps this is why our meal took forever (40 minutes) … Laz told me they had to milk the lobsters for his soup, and to be patient, as this is how you obtain lobster bisque. I’m still not sure if he’s right.

Laszlo says they do this to the lobsters to get the bisque out.

Anyway, don’t be in a hurry here… Or expect any sympathy for your bad French, nor smiles from the dead-eyed young man manning the tables.
Les Boucaniers: Big frownie face for these guys. Or as Laszlo put it, swiping one of a family of flies that lives, works and plays in les boucaniers, “we’ve been here two weeks and this is my least favorite dining experience.”

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