Going Bananas in Toiny, Marigot, Lurin for a Real Estate

This morning an awesome lady from SiBarth took Lala and Laz over hill and dale  to show us some of the available properties in our, ahem, price range.  There were three.  Lovely stuff, of course, and Laszlo’s eyes were afire with excitement and bank-account assessments. At one point I saw him looking at me with a calculating look in his eye: “What would she fetch on the black market?” The properties range from stunning to just-okay, but the views remain in the “Oh my god I have to live here even if it means I’m homeless” variety.

One hadn’t been lived in in a while and it showed what the Caribeanwilderness will do when it is permitted… I’m not saying rat or roach or anything… I’m just saying. Also, had a fresh, organic banana from off a tree next to one of the houses.  IT WAS THE BEST BANANA EVER.  I will go so far as to say that I have never eaten a banana until today. So there.

God I hope that wasn't in the banana I just ate.

Laszlo was impressed by the roads in Lurin, which he said used to be pretty treacherous and narrow.  It still looked narrow to me but it did afford room for two cars to pass each other and still retain their side-view mirrors.  Also, it’s a lovely road bounded on either side by a stone wall.

Lala on a property in Toiny. Expensive. I mean the property.

Storm's a coming. That's my favorite line from "The Terminator."

More houses. More bushes. YAWN.

At lunch at Le Bouchon he was pensive. I ate a warm chevre salad (no, the cheese did not come from the wild mountain goats) and Laz had a panini.  So far we are not eating very healthily.  I like Le Bouchon, even though it is super casual, the waitress there is very nice and helps us with our French whenever we go.

I think they put something in that banana, Lala.


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