Labreia Colada for Windy Nights in St. Barth’s

So you had a long day in the sun, or shopping at Lacoste and all the other boutiques.  If you don’t need a drink, you don’t know who does need a drink.  (Although come to think of it that guy who crashed the Italian cruise ship probably wishes he had a couple drinks in him RIGHT NOW.)

Today St. Barth‘s was bustling with Q-Tips or as Laszlo puts it “grey hairs.”  It seems a cruise ship had come in bearing many enthusiastic if somewhat geriatric hobblers.  They resembled the goats in the hills over Gouveneur’s Beach, except that instead of cinnamon-colored fur coming out of their ears, it was the color of sea salt.  They make about the same amount of noise as the goats as well, although to my ear the goats are sweeter.

I wanted to grab one or two of them (the seniors from the cruise ship, not the goats) and ask them if they were concerned about their own captain.  But I digress.


  • Two people.
  • Mount Gay Rum.
  • One half an orange.
  • One cup of pineapple juice (and the attitude to not call it jus d’anana).
  • Some ice.
  • A blender.
  • Coconut milk (cream is better but milk has WAY fewer calories)…
  • Artificial sweetener

Some people measure success in boats. And the sizes of boats. I measure it in terms of what I have accomplished as well.

Step one: make your mate cook dinner.
Step two: put all the ingredients in the blender, say a prayer to Bacchus, and press Blend, or pulse, or something.
Step three: turn up the radio of St. Barth’s — it’s 103.1 FM — and it’s really really eclectic, which is great for a bi-generational couple like us (haha).
Step four: Pour drink

Step Five: (see picture)watch the man you have elected to love enjoy it, while he cooks you a high-carbohydrate dinner-which-you-better-not-complain-about…

Step Six: be embarrassed because that radio station you endorsed? It played “Feelings, Nothing More than Feelings”? and also “Why do Birds Suddenly Appear”? and then it played “Just another manic monday”? And you sang along while dancing in your underwear? And it could have been charming like in a movie but Laszlo was too busy uploading photos to do more than raise his eyebrows?


6 thoughts on “Labreia Colada for Windy Nights in St. Barth’s

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