Le Tamarin – Polynesian Flair on a Frenchified Island

Frank, you need to know why they've been feeding you so much...

Friendly French owner. He fed us Sushi Pizza, which not only is not disgusting, it’s delicious. This deliciousness was mitigated by Steve Martin, who came out of a hut that flanked the restaurant. The hut had a sign that said “Fish Pedicures.” If you have read up on your beauty or “Strange-but-true” news you know that this might constitute a fate worse than death: tiny fish that only eat dead skin are allowed to snack bar your toes for several minutes in order to denude your nails of guck, and feed some fish.

Laszlo, never given to more than one pedicure a month, immediately volunteered. “The same fish that ate Steve Martin could eat us too!”

I could say nothing to this.


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