The lowdown on some St. Barth’s restaurants…pretty much at random…

I have stomach problems that make me lie in the sun for hours.

Sorry, we really need to organize this post and this blog. However as the WIFI at our DARN gorgeous VILLA is totally SLOW, I mean like tortoise and the hair where the tortoise LOSES slow, this will have to do for now.

By our third full day in St. Barthelemy in the French West Indies, we had visited three of the island’s 22 beaches and a handful of its top restaurants.

Here’s what we found:

Nikki Beach:Lunch. And some beach.

La felt something squirm under her right leg, but Laszlo said it was probably a fluke. Then the bleeding started.

The Sexy Salad and the Salade Nicoise. Delicious and incredibly fresh. Pretty cute atmosphere filled with rich French with good watches. (Laszlo saw his much-desired Panerai on a man at a table next to us, and asked him if he could watch it while they guy went to the restroom. I know, it was weird but I think it kind of made the guy’s day. American, go figure.)

Do Brazil: Lunch. Gazpacho and a Mahi Mahi burger. Totally delicious when washed down with diet cokes. We also dug the Seashell Beach that the Do Brazil rests on — hard to walk on but you avoid being scoured by windblown sand.

Le Piment: Dessert Only – a bar setting in St. Jean that offers good drinks, desserts and food to the ubiquitous club tunes. Delicious Planteur Punch. We had a “moment” with a waiter after Laszlo tipped him about 15%. (10% being the typical maximum, as waiters here earn far more dough per/heure than waiters in the states. I know, I was such a server. I made 2.95 an hour and drove a Honda Civic that smelled like raw chicken.) The guy said, on seeing the tip, “Jackpot.” Laz was offended. I consulted a waitress the next night at Bar L’Oublie. And she gave us the lowdown-diggity which I have included above parenthetically.

Eden Rock: Dinner, Dessert, Drinks. This was expensive but beautiful, if dead this time of year. The requisite beautiful gazelles appeared after our dinner was finished (about 8 p.m.). I think we were simply early. Eden Rock commands great views, but what part of the island doesn’t? Check out the reception enter above Eden Rock for the bathrooms and some cool art.

How does one keep the escargot from escaping?


3 thoughts on “The lowdown on some St. Barth’s restaurants…pretty much at random…

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